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"McDANDEE, Inc. Presents Joel Williams"

The concept for a thin profile wallet was born while sailing in the Caribbean. The designer had become dissatisfied with the over-sized billfold he carried that caused his business suits and casual clothes to bulge, wrinkle and spoil his overall looks. It also created a security problem as it required carrying the wallet separately in a briefcase, loosely in his automobile, etc. Hence, the JOEL WILLIAMS brand Thin-Profile wallet was designed.

The JOEL WILLIAMS Thin-Profile wallet contains four pockets for important charge cards, ATM cards, drivers license, security card, and any other information you cannot bear to be without. The design holds thickness to approximately 3/8ths inch with two cards per pocket.

The Joel Williams Thin-Profile wallet has a unique second crease that allows the Top Grain Leather to conform to your body contours. No conventional wallet can do this! Avoid "salesman's leg", a condition attained through long hours sitting on a bulky wallet. A separate zippered section is a handy pocket for receipts, spare car keys, etc.--you decide! A custom-sized money compartment keeps dollar bills straight and crisp.

To carry the JOEL WILLIAMS Thin-Profile wallet, wear the zippered pocket in towards your body for proper contouring, whether in your suit coat or in the rear pocket of any slack, casual pant, sport wear or jean. You will find the pleasure of comfort fit without ruining the custom fitting you and your tailor worked so hard to perfect. Image is so important to the work hard-play hard world today. Image is what JOEL WILLIAMS does well!

These quality leather wallets make great personal and corporate gifts to friends, employees, and customers. It's a excellent way to show appreciation. The JOEL WILLIAMS brand Thin-Profile wallet is available by calling McDandee Inc. toll free at 1-888-WALLET-8 (925-5388), with all major credit cards accepted.

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